Vegeterian borsch

A recipe that allows you to quickly cook a delicious classic borsch.

Serves: +
  • Potato6 pcs
  • Onion1 pcs
  • Carrot1 pcs
  • Beet1 pcs
  • Cabbage150 gr
  • Bay leaf5 gr
Per serving

Calories: 670 kcal

Proteins: 67 g

Fats: 45 g

Carbohydrates: 90 g

55 mins Video recipe Print
  • Peeled potatoes cut into small slices.

  • Cook in boiling water for 50 minutes.

  • Fry finely chopped onions, carrots and beets in a pan.

  • Fried vegetables are placed in a pan, where to add another chopped cabbage.

  • Add beans, bay leaf, garlic, dill and salt to taste.

  • Boil on slow fire 5 minutes.

Borsch is a classic first course for lunch. A rich and tasty borsch is the key to a productive day. Bon Appetit!

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