Sponge cake with jam, sour cream and chocolate cream

Sponge cake with jam

Many people think that cooking cakes is difficult, and do not want to spend time on it. However, making a portioned dessert is relatively simple. And you will be convinced of this by the example of a biscuit cake, which we soak in jam, coat with sour cream and decorate with a simple chocolate cream. And we will use paints, which will make the dessert stunningly beautiful!

  • Sponge cake1 pc
  • A bar of white chocolate1 pc
  • Butter50 gr
  • Natural dyes 
  • Currant jam2 tbsp
  • Fat sour cream110 ml
  • Beat in a dry bowl, chilled medium eggs with sugar (3-4 tablespoons). After receiving an airy substantially clarified mixture, sift the flour.

  • Using a spatula, knead the biscuit dough, pouring a cherry dye in the process. Quickly knead a viscous mass.

  • From the parchment we make a rectangular shape, which we place on a baking sheet. Lubricate with a thin layer of odorless sunflower oil. Pour and level the surface. Formation thickness - up to 2 cm.

  • Send the biscuit to the hot (180 degrees) oven. We bake the basis of our cakes for 17-18 minutes. Then we get out the slightly enlarged layer and cool it. At this time, add chopped butter and a broken bar of white chocolate to the bowl.

  • Pour half a glass of boiling water into a wide container. We put inside a bowl of butter and chocolate. We achieve a liquid consistency, after which we transfer the future cream to the refrigerator, where it hardens

  • After half an hour, pour the yellow dye into the mixture and beat it with two mixer corollas until a homogeneous, thick structure

  • At the next stage, cut off the edges of the biscuit and divide it into six identical rectangles.

  • Dissolve a spoonful of currant jam in half a glass of boiling water. Soak the mixture with the bottom of all the workpieces.

  • Now cover half the rectangles with a layer of greasy sour cream. We add a small amount of remaining jam

  • Form two cakes from two parts, the surface of which is completely coated with sour cream. We put the blanks in the freezer.

  • After 10-15 minutes again (you can use a whisk) we interrupt the chocolate cream, and then we put it in a culinary bag with a nozzle "Small flower". We decorate well-chilled cakes and store until served on the refrigerator shelf

Bon appetit!

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