Pickled mushroom salad

The recipe for a delicious diet salad.

Serves: +
  • Pickled mushrooms200 gr
  • Corn50 gr
  • Ham100 gr
  • Cucumbers1 pcs
  • Black olives25 gr
  • Sault to taste
Per serving

Calories: 450 kcal

Proteins: 45 g

Fats: 12 g

Carbohydrates: 67 g

45 mins Print
  • Put pickled mushrooms and corn in a bowl. Add chopped ham and cucumber.

  • Add finely chopped olives, greens and pour everything with mayonnaise.

  • Stir and salt to taste.

The dish can be laid out in a salad bowl. The salad will be a pleasant treat at the end of a difficult day. Bon Appetit!

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