Mushroom soup with tofu

Tofu and soy sauce make the soup unusual, with a touch of Japan. In addition, the dish will turn out lean: without meat, dairy products and eggs.

Serves: +
  • Champignons200 gr
  • Potatoes4 pcs
  • Carrot1 pc
  • Onion1 pc
  • Garlic3 cloves
  • Tofu cheese100 gr
  • Soy sauce3 tbsp
  • Ground nutmeg, ground ginger to taste
  • Salt, pepper, vegetable oil to taste
50 mins Print
  • Finely chop the onion and garlic, fry for a couple of minutes in oil. Cut the mushrooms into large pieces, add to the onion with garlic, fry for a couple of minutes over high heat, stirring occasionally. Salt, pepper.

  • Cut the cheese into cubes, add to the mushrooms, mix. Add 1 tbsp. soy sauce. Mix again, remove from heat.

  • Dice carrots and potatoes. Cook in salt water. Add 2 tablespoons to the water. soy sauce, continue to cook.

  • When the vegetables are almost ready, add to them a mixture of mushrooms and cheese, ground nutmeg and ginger.

Stir, bring to a boil, turn off. The soup is ready!

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