Lingonberry meat sauce

lingonberry meat sauce

Lingonberry sauce – it is prepared very simply, it turns out healthy, damn beautiful and bright. It will decorate the festive table and any dish.
You can season them with poultry, rabbit, fish, game, beef or pork to significantly improve taste, emphasize exquisite notes, give juiciness and aroma

Serves: +
  • Lingonberry300 gr
  • Lemon juice1 tsp
  • Sugar300 gr
  • Cinnamon1 tsp
  • Carnation4 pcs
  • Orange1 pc
  • Allspice4 pcs
Per serving

Calories: 340 kcal

Proteins: 12 g

Fats: 67 g

Carbohydrates: 90 g

50 mins Video recipe Print
  • Put cloves, allspice, lingonberries and sugar in a blender. Grind everything until smooth.

  • We put everything in a pan with a thick bottom so that the sauce does not burn, and put on medium heat

  • Add the orange juice, lemon juice and cinnamon, rub the zest of the orange on a grater and also add

  • Stir the sauce periodically, until boiling

  • Remove from heat and pour into a jar

Lingonberry sauce for meat is ready for the winter.
Keep this sauce in a cool place.

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