Bulgur Chicken and Green Peas

Bulgur Chicken and Green Peas

To surprise relatives and give your body extra vitamins, you need to cook a wide variety of dishes. The stores now have a large assortment of products for various preferences. And at home on the shelves are the most unusual products that have not been used much before. One of the interesting products is bulgur. It is rich in usefulness, low-calorie, and tastes in no way inferior to rice. On top of that, a bulgur dish comes out very economical. Bulgur is preparing, by the way, a little faster. What can I say, rather read the recipe.

Serves: +
  • Chicken thigh200 gr
  • Bulgur100 gr
  • Onion½ pc
  • Carrots1 pc
  • Green peas50 gr
  • Oregano tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Garlic1 clove
  • Vegetable oil2 tbsp
Per serving

Calories: 201.3 kcal

Proteins: 13.1 g

Fats: 8.6 g

Carbohydrates: 14.9 g

45 mins Print
  • At the initial stage, in a hot pan with oil, fry onions and carrots.

  • Cut the thigh into several parts. The thigh is fat enough, due to which the "pilaf" is juicier, richer. We attach the meat to the vegetables in a pan and salt a little.

  • Having achieved light frying on both sides (no more than 10 minutes) over high heat, pour out glasses of bulgur, followed by two glasses of water. In general, the bulgur-water ratio is always 1 to 2.

  • The most individual part of cooking is seasoning. I had oregano, it turned out perfectly, but it can be any of your spices suitable for meat. A clove of garlic peeled and cut into 4 parts will not do much harm either. Set the slow mode and cover.

  • After 10 minutes, rather for decoration, but also for taste, of course, we throw peas, frozen or fresh (if the season).

The dish is ready to serve.
Bon appetitt!!

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