Blueberry cheesecake without baking

This blueberry cheesecake without baking at home is tender and juicy at the same time. Especially only from the refrigerator, it is simply divine! The main thing – try not to damage the berries, then you get a whitened souffle with contrasting splashes. Not only delicious, but also beautiful!

  • Cottage cheese500 gr
  • Sour cream500 gr
  • Sugar200 gr
  • Nuts(almonds, cashews, walnuts)200 gr
  • Blueberries100 gr
  • Butter150 gr
  • Gelatin20 gr
  • Dates(can be replaced with dried apricots)150 gr
Per serving

Calories: 361 kcal

Proteins: g

Fats: g

Carbohydrates: g

17 hrs 10 mins Print
  • Grind nuts and dates in a blender. Mix with melted butter, forming a base with sides.

  • We dilute gelatin as indicated on the package. Beat cottage cheese, sugar and sour cream until smooth. Then add the gelatin, mix again. Lastly, add the berries. Shuffle. Pour the mixture over the cake and send to the refrigerator.

  • When the cheese base has completely hardened, decorate the cheesecake with fresh berries and you can serve it!

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